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Daily Archives: June 10th, 2009


a new installation in the park of danubiana : Ján Kelemen   NIΤ – I. II. III  / Thread 2008




new settled bronze POVODNÝ TVOR / underwater creature by Ondrej 4., 2004


Robert Combas inside & outside danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum



N´écoute plus, sinon je te lance moi poing sur la geule. Hommage aux Yard Birds, un groupe de rock anglais électrique et baroque des annés 60

Do not listen any more, otherwise I will lauch my fist on your face. Homage to the Yard Birds, an English elctric and baroque rock band in the sixties

Robert Combas  2008


Au début, c´était la Venus de Venise, maintenant c´est ISIS sûr et certain

At the beginning, it was the Venice Venus, now it is ISIS, sure & certain


Robert Combas

freedom, diversity & oppression


–  more about next days!

artist Peter Pollág is still working on the scaffold in the danubiana park area up to his Danube Wings: “some poets gave knowledge how many glass-pieces we already have fixed on that sculpture”, he amuses today as response to a visitors question about the amount of pieces on the surface,  among them sculptors Milan Lukacs, Daniel Bucur & Rudolf Pinter

video:  Danubian Wings – Dunajske kridla