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back to future,  part one:  how shameful for me as Pannonian aborigin from the Pannonia Superior province not to have been to Budapest since childhood  – Aquincum, ancient capital of Pannonia Inferior !


views of the Danube banks shot out of the car



last friday I had the chance to follow an invitation to the Museum of Applied Arts at Budapest, where the representatives of the Esterházy Private Foundation gave an enthusiastic reception to present their future cultural engagements in Hungary –  an elegant gala at an outstanding location:




at the entrance: prince Anton II Esterházy talking with Orm. Alfred Reichl & Dr. Ernst Wunderbaldiger, board of directors of the Esterházy Foundation, both I had accompanied in the van to Budapest


Prince Anton II Esterházy, Dr. Stefan Ottrubay, Dr. Alfred Weidinger & Orm Alfred Reichl amidst Hungarian high society




Dr. Zsuzsanna Renner, head of the Museum of Applied Arts Budapest, lays particular stress on the import of the historical relations of  the Family of Esterházy to Hungary


the members of the Accord Quartet, performing string-music by Joseph Haydn between the speaches



chairman Dr. Stefan Ottrubay refering about future plans to continue the tradition of the Esterházy collection with supporting contemporary Hungarian art by donating several prizes for young Hungarian artists & presenting some remains of historical past that have to be preserved for future:


parts of the Esterházy-treasure, damaged during 2nd World War & awaiting restauration through international experts:

a decorative jug with the arms of Antal Losonczy & Klára Báthory

by Ferenc Képiró, Kolozvár (now Cluj – Napoca, Romania),  1548, gilded silver with cast & embossed decoration



slendering through the actual exhibition of Japanese design at the Museum of Applied Arts I miss the show “Haydn és az idö – Haydn und die Zeit” on second floor…




… enjoying with all guests the culinary delcatessen offered on two sideboards  & after smalltalk with two Hungarian artists I have to leave the scenery at the moment with a taxi to catch the van at Március 15 tér waiting back to Eisenstadt – more about young Hungarian art next time!




  1. formidable! merveilleux!
    Einige Bilder, wie man sie von dir fast schon gewöhnt ist: ein Blick auf die Dinge, die andere “über”-sehen. Bin schon gespannt auf deinen Bericht über die Esterházy’schen Kunstprojekte in Ungarn!

    • danke – na ja – war eigentlich nur ein side-step von nicht einmal 3 stunden… wo wohl ein wochenende nicht genügt…

  2. Hi, interesting post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for sharing. I’ll probably be coming back to your blog. Keep up great writing

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