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following photos shot on  friday´s vernissage –  opening of the exhibition ERNST FUCHS – Frühe Meisterwerke.  Gezeichnet – Radiert – Gemalt / early masterworks. drawn – etched – painted at the Infeld-Haus der Kultur /  Infeld-House of Culture,  Halbturn, Austria.


Ernst Fuchs     selfportrait III etching 1946/66


Ernst Fuchs      selfportrait I woodcut 1945


Ernst Fuchs   loving pair linocut 1945/67


Ernst Fuchs   rest charcoil on paper 1970



a musical revelation: The Vienna Klezmer Band with singer Ela Malkin:



householder Stenka & Peter Infeld among the audience






Ela Malkin, Alfred Pfleger & Julius Darvas



Ernst Fuchs           Jeanne D´Arc watercolours & tempera  1981



Ernst Fuchs    Nubian woman mixed media on canvas, 1969


Ernst Fuchs   Cherub as standing on blue wings tempera on paper 1960/63


Ernst Fuchs   architectura caelestis: monstrance mixed media on paper 1964

– with the purchase of that picture,  part of the architectura caelestis-series by Ernst Fuchs,  Peter Infeld  started with his mother Margaretha in 1965 the Infeld-art-collection


Margaretha Infeld painted by Ernst Fuchs 1974 in tempera on wood





Ernst Fuchs        firesigns I – IV etchings  1950

concerning Peter Infeld & his House of Culture / Infeld-Haus der Kultur see also my report for PANNOrama 009 02: at the end of a rainbow


  1. Dear Andreas.
    I admire the art of Ernst Fuchs, mostly his earlier works and I was thrilled to discover your blog and the beautiful photos you took at the opening. I especially liked the photo in which you shot the view of the gallery through the “Im Kuss der Sphinx” etching. As you can see in this link:

    I have a personal experience with this particular wonderful etching – it bewitches many of its spectators.

    Cheers – Dan

    • Dear Dan,

      at first a citation of your site:

      “There is no doubt in my mind that Ernst Fuchs is a highly gifted and original artist, but I admit I prefer his earlier works on his more recent ones. Some artists manage to keep the urge to search, to look for new ways, to dig deeper without compromising throughout the entire period of their working life. Others sometimes loose the drive on the way. Maybe the commercial temptations are too strong. Or maybe it is omnipotent feelings which are brought about by fame and success, and lead the artist in less inspired ways?”

      – that is an opinion I share as artist even as recipient. The most terrific example concerning the artist Ernst Fuchs I have seen at Thal, Styria, Austria. You may see some photos here on my blog:
      – This does not impair the brilliant genius of Fuchs´early work, especially in the technique of etching.
      Thank you for sharing art-collector Peter Infeld´s last exhibition he organized before death last year – he is still missed in the Austrian cultural life.
      Fortunately his wife Zdenka Infeld still regulary continues Peter´s work.

      ys, Andreas

  2. Our Super Master Ernst Fuchs the living Visionary Genius! and our true Master in Fantastic Art World!!!
    Without him we cannot go beyond for his authorities of Spirit Genius!

    Bienvenido Bones Banez jr.

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