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“no milk today:  give your daily shit & they will give you Bloody Mary”

cit.: René Desor WELT-UM-TICKET 1988


Andreas Roseneder     Haydn-patch IV vinyl on polyethylene master batch 2009


“Joker”  Heath Ledger – although dead – gets a Golden Globe posthume. Mickey Rourke got it too – this guy is still living? Amy Winehouse is sober, escaped Grim Reaper again! Jörg Haider, a dead Austrian politician would have best chance at new elections. – &  we Austrians  – obviously the World too – praise the year 2009 in the name of a dead,  Joseph Haydn, beyond his grave – not in his year of birth!

what the fuck is happening with us living in 2009?

Joseph Haydn Büste

Joseph Haydn Büste, © photo René Desor

Joseph Haydn Totenmaske

Joseph Haydn Totenmaske, © photo René Desor

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