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ahnung kunst

in folge einer angeregten diskussion über kunst stünde zu aller erst einmal der kommunikationsfluß selbst zur debatte. die verwendung des konjunktives verweist auf den mangel an bewußtsein dieser verzweigten ströme in den meisten fällen solcher erörterungen unter den diskutanten: denn kunst an sich ist nichts anderes als die wechselwirkung zwischen den medien eines solchen diskurses, wobei etwas unfassbares abstraktes der rationalen begrifflichkeit zugeführt wird.  – meistens  erweisen sich jedoch alle anstrengungen aller beteiligten darüber hinaus als rein ir/rationale vermutungen, anmaßungen, annäherungen & im besten falle ahnungen: & die ahnung alleine – kurzes luftschnappen fördert den immanenten kreislauf  per se – beinhaltet noch den keim des unfassbaren abstrakten, mit dem sich die kunst gern kleidet & reist.

also sollte nun einmal zu aller  beginn  der ritus der meditation über kunstkommunikation  festgelegt werden, bevor man über kunst, ihre verzweigungen, irrungen, wegweiser & hinweise spricht.


image = link to video by artstagePeter Kogler´s video-installation on the walls of Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien  –  rats or mice on that Viennese artbox?


“die farben des winters sind die farben des widerstandes”    (cit.: Fria Elfen)


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inside Fria Elfen´s house: old restored renaissance-arches & the sand plays she placed together with the German artist Wil Frenken between the window-glasses



Fria Elfen in her living room. an Hungarian artist has written in the 70´s with chalk on the long girder of the wooden ceiling



Fria´s pupil – assemblage of photos from the lakeside of  Neusiedler See


meet Fria Elfen: here


December 2008 Fria Elfen presenting NEIN, black fabric with incutted letters, main part of a light-installation in 1979


  1. Ahnung kunst

    Gut gesprochen.

  2. Braucht Kunst überhaupt Erklärungen?

    Spricht Kunst für sich?

  3. This is how I see art, if You allow me to give my opinion: an expression of art is a language, just like any other language, and personally I tend to approach art like I approach languages.

    1. It’s possible to experience a language as beautiful or horrible or anything inbetween without understanding it. You can still experience it.
    2. It’s possible to understand a language, with the restriction of YOUR own context, and…
    3. You can understand a language, supported (and explained?) by ITS own context.

    You think these thoughts could be applied to any form of art or are there obvious exceptions and distinctions?


    that´s the best approach an artist may wish. the comparison between art & language is interesting because both are medias & depend on medias too. both need a context to make understandable & to be understood. but art pockets language to its own advantage to free the human world from bondage (bondage that a national language for a foreigner may cause – there is no need & are no dictates to understand the syntax of art)

  5. Maybe that’s the aim of every artist who strives to be innovative in his/her work: to invent a language with expressions, “words” or symbols never seen or heard before – to our CONCIOUS minds, that is – but so primal that they apply directly to the mutual origin of all of us? Then there would be no limits and art would not have to be explained.

  6. …. AND I think Fria is doing a good job at exactly that!

    (please pardon my whimsical style in commenting but I’m surrounded by far too many tomtar, birthday balloons and prepubertal unidentified flying objects…)

  7. @Anni: I also thought about language. – good comparison.
    @René: Yes, art express´what the artist feel.
    Dilemma is that most peolpe misunderstand the expression or just don’t want to look.

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