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Andreas Roseneder                       melting plot                      vinyl on canvas 2008

I am not sure wether a meeting or melting plot of colours is shown here; whilst painting I often greet an obviously welcome colour to companionship with the others already settled on the canvas; then continuing I sometimes recognize that I have welcomed an intruder into my coloursphere disturbing my original aims. – & it needs a great effort to calm the others down or set them up against this marplot



  1. ok, mr painter
    lay down Your brushes
    do not touch it!

  2. EXCUiSiTE !!! Absolutely fantastic !!!

  3. hello Finn cyberfriends, thank you both for commenting my “spot-light” for the exhibition next week. here all my experiments of the last weeks melted together into ONE work I think. – & I layed down my brushes in that case, thank goodness, Anni, but there are still some “faces” that want to be saved on canvas- you will see, Christian!

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