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Daily Archives: November 22nd, 2008


some photos of the official press reception held the morning before the evening opening of the exhibition Der Unbekannte Hundertwasser / The Yet Unknown Hundertwasser at the KunstHausWien this week. more about the exhibition, the KunstHausWien & the common reception of Hundertwasser´s art in Vienna you may see & read in my article for the pannonian magazine PANNOrama here: The well known, The unknown & The common Hundertwasser


from left to right: Eugen Freund ( a portrait of him at the age of 4 painted in acquarell by Hundertwasser is the prominent subject of the poster for the exhibition), Joram Harel, Sabine Schmeller & Univ.Prof. Dr. Bernd Lötsch at the introduction of their personal view of relation to the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser

detail of the image “the cinema”:


& some other details of my personal interest at the exhibition:

hu6Ungarische Grube – Grab / Hungarian pit – Grave

this painting was begun one day after the start of the revolution in Hungary in the studio of Kiki Kogelnik at the Academy in Vienna. Hundertwasser had spent the night before at the Hungarian border. (from: Hundertwasser 1928-2000, Catalogue Raisonné, Vol.2, Cologne, 2002)


calligraphy for the Seoul International Art Festival

Joram Harel tells me, Friedenreich Hundertwasser has got this Hanji paper by the organisation of the exhibition “Works on Mulberry Paper” at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul with the invitation to create an artwork on it – but just wrote following message:








wooden objects

“when I go for a walk on the Beach of Pellestrina with my friend Oreste Weitmayr or alone, I find real treasures washed up and polished to round shapes by the sea: doll torsos, all kind of shoes, plastic bottles, but also wonderful pieces of wood, some with the paint still on them, some charred, all beautiful smoothed over. when put together they already form a picture in relief without beiing painted. it is comparable to the pieces of wood I find at Paris at dawn.”  (from: Hundertwasser 1928-2000, Catalogue Raisonné, Vol.2, Cologne, 2002)







at least I found some interesting coincidences in use of colour to my own recent work, see the lines of colourstripes below (eco-activist Hundertwasser would be undoubtly disgusted if he became aware I am experimenting with polymer colours on acryl & vinyl basis & testing polyethylen surfaces of industrial tailings remaining after the production of so called MasterBatches) :