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Andreas Roseneder  das blaue krokodil,  AquaBrique on canvas 80 x 100 cm  2008

this image does not exist anymore in the state you see it above. it´s just the first sketch of an agressive crocodile snaping the air – or to the beholder. photography gives us the possibility to preserve this provisional result in painting.  does this preservation help in going further? – or is it just a barrier to let in new ideas?

& – what´s the meaning of the statement: “after all a painter is painting nothing but the same image his whole life through”? – does a crocodile snap on the same subject his whole life through?


  1. Some mad questions you pose in your blog entry here but the blue Croc works for me in its current form…has plenty of motion and life.

    I have one question was this drawn from life or a photo?


  2. hi Bobby, that may be mad questions for unexperienced but going further in artwork you may find yourself once in a situation like that: no matter you work on a crocodile´s or flee´s movement, it SEEMS to be the work on the same subject, the same image. at sudden it´s just your OWN movement on the canvas.

    the form of a questionmark in the body of the crocodile with the head in his center came out of my imagination (or what´s the result of watching crocs on TV or in films – I´m living in Austria & had never the chance to see living animals free but in the zoo lying motionless in some corner of their cages)- but with the jaw & the arrangement of the teeth I had problems & took some examples out from photos by google-search I fused to the image above.

    to come back to your OWN movement on the canvas:
    the best way to imagine & capture the croc would be to incarnate his beast. but I think in that case there would be no more urge to PAINT your imaginations after all!

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