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Daily Archives: September 18th, 2008


Andreas Roseneder   portrait Joseph Haydn 2007 after Thomas Hardy 1791

my executions in follow are to be read as a test on a well-known testimony.

that silly way I follow the heir of a genius I do not understand jet, – although he – the genius – claimed & everybody ever perpetuated: “my language is understood all over the world.”

–  my sheer attempt to an approximate approachement seems at the moment to be my only chance to understand:

inspired tellers always sent images to somebody listening. – & the images reflected a “sound” to the listeners.

literary seen an image may be a part of some one´s hole story reflected & mingled with by the readers own story.

in a world of a holistic perception of an image the recepient reflects his visions on its own means he ever did. –  obviously a personal pictorial image that always will be overloaded by the beholder to set himself naked into…

… soundlessness …

– good conditions for interception? –

MAAAK – who are you?

where are you?

I´m yearning a sound!

Dr. Haydn

Andreas Roseneder 2008, sketch after a drawing by George Dance, London 1794