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Daily Archives: September 11th, 2008

Andreas Roseneder    Kolken, schiedenlich    watercolours on French Canson, 150x90cm, 1995

Andreas Roseneder     Vitus´ Himmel-Höllen-Fahrt     watercolours on French Canson  150x90cm, 1995

this twin-garden-gnomes may stand as daily (!) unnoticed memorial of  9/11 in our civil lifes

Andreas Roseneder      autumn balloon        aqua brique on canvas, 110x130cm 

today I did not smash pumpkins  as it may appear on that image. I just inhaled the colours of autumn & let their language & speech settle down on the canvas. seen through my pupil to my hand   for some prospective. – anybody arround me was interested in –  I think the intense natural coulours of nature suffice to everybody´s satisfaction without artificial change at the moment. but art may let take a second view.