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Andreas Roseneder   Monatsbinde / sanitary towel  / innate idea   

 oil & bitumen on canvas   1994



  1. Hmm…. Is that a blindfolded face (half profile) in the upper corner to the right, or am I seeing ghosts again?

  2. the whole image of a landscape with fields is dominated on the right side by the trunk of a male body with blindfolded face, holding his left hand to his obviously pregnant belly. a picture-puzzle that needs more approach than a cursory glance.

  3. Yes, that’s what I thought, but photos can never do justice to real paintings, can they? The whole theme could be interpreted as quite cynical though – maybe the blindfold is a sanitary towel in the meaning of a sanity towel: a towel to keep a person from going insane?

  4. no. – & even language can´t do that: German “Monatsbinde” has more natural intonation & is bound to the monthly cyle of the year with it´s seasons.
    the translation to that clinical Englisch term “sanitary towel” sounds more cynical too.
    maybe “headbanger” or “headbirth” would be better?

  5. for following readers: the artical “Kopfgeburt/innate idea” was posted formerly under title “sanitary towel”. – & even now it seems not easy to find a faithful translation for German term “Kopfgeburt”

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