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Daily Archives: September 7th, 2008

Peter Pollág        depths        acrylics on canvas         2008

Peter Pollág      the muse      acrylic & oil       2004

Peter Pollág         king          oil on canvas        2006

some photos from yesterday´s sunny opening of Peter Pollág´s exhibition True Colours at Danubina Meulensteen Art Museum  on an artificial peninsula in the storage lake of river Danube (see: Gabčikovo)  at Čunovo near Bratislava, Slovakia & the celebrated unveiling of Pollág´s sculpture-project Danube Wings

Peter Pollág         first emperor (  diptych)        acrylic & oil on canvas            2003

Peter Pollág            double-headed lion          acrylic & oil on canvas                2007

Peter Pollág                dancers                 acrylic & oil on canvas                     2007


ship´s mate Peter Pollág & danubiana´s captain Vinzent Polakovič 

– both amidst yesterday´s festivities in front of Pollág´s Danube Wings – more about The Wings of  the Danube tells The Bratislava Leaders Magazine : here