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Daily Archives: August 30th, 2008

the Kurdish artist Hüseyin Işık  from Turkey & Palestinian musician Quassis Wassim helping Palestinian artist Hourani Khalid  to clean Khalid´s mirror-installation made in – obviously with great amusement – in the meadows next Cselley-Muehle for the opening exhibition today. they are participants of an art-workshop, more information about : here



My father said to me then: “It’s a luxury watch, a watch carefully manufactured, it is Made in…”. He did not add the name of the country, or where exactly it was manufactured. What was important for him was the Made in…

Made in – somewhere in this world.

He pronounced Made in as one single mysterious and magic word – not necessarily knowing the meaning of it. He was not fluent in English, and he may not know its literal meaning.

I borrow the word from him, not only because playing with words dismantles their meaning, meanings of power, economic, ideology, nationalism – it is also my hobby. But also to propose an alternative brand name, memory, and illusion by reflections, shadows, fantasies, and tricks.

Khaled Hourani

Oslip 2008



the artists Hüseyin Işık & Hourani Khalid are sharing a studio with the Austrian artist Johann Jascha at Cselley-Muehle:

Hüseyin Işık works with ink on paper & is invoking religious symbols with plotted computer-animations on plastic:

Johann Jascha working concentrated next to his “therapy-couch” in colours. ” I travel with the papersheets around the world, these drawings have origins in Asia, Africa, Europe & are overdrawn everywhere as here now. This means real intercultural drawing”, he explains his aims to interfere with the topic of the workshop: European Year of an Intercultural Dialog.  after a short pause drawing again he interrupts & adds with a smile on his face: “no- it´s a bit more: intergalactic drawing!”