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all photos shot last week in Slovenija, Portorož, Lucija, peninsula Seča near Ribič & Forma Viva


  1. I’m curious about the ship: is it a deliberate installation of art? Or a natural UNinstallation by time? Or maybe a deliberate installation of art made by time and nature?

  2. I think this wooden ship is nothing more than a rotting requisite of a film. but in my view it was the sign of time – how nature itself calls back the traces of human efforts to control & harness natural forces.

  3. Satisfying answer. 🙂 It’s never an easy task to control the forces of nature, nor is it an easy task for poor mother nature to correct – or adjust to – the traces of human escapades.

  4. admirable mother nature never was poor! 😉 poor man-kind!

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