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photos for the magazine PANNOrama:

a view as usual from top of the hill: Karl Prantl´s sculpture Stein für Josef Matthias Hauer,  head & guard of the sculpture-garden on the hills of St. Margarethen in Burgenland at evening of the opening of the exhibition aufi_obi_umedrum staged by young German artists.

same time on the other side of the hill: a new con/temporary sight these days:                                     Sybille Walenciak,  o.T.

lecturer Jochen Breme refering on a work arranged by Ramon Muggli & used as artificial basis by Nadine Luchsinger´s papillon dancé

Nadine Luchsinger, part of her ensemble  danse, papillon, danse

Maria Zink:  parts of her metal-shield-crowd she called verzinkt

Astrid Hammer´s wood-louse & an invasion of its species upon the hill

Sarah Echterhoff´s blue line  runs around the stonecones of the Japanese sculptor Kengiro Azuma, erected in 1971. Karl Prantl´s comment to Echterhoff´s installation around the work of one of his colleagues in the 70´s of last century: “these lines come from the blue of heaven”

the two stonemasons in tradition: Ramon Muggli & Jannis Mutschler

view through Jannis Mutschler´s Himmel und Erde to the object of Tina Schneider

Tina Schneider o.T., made of old rusty barrel hoops

Ramon Muggli, o.T.,  “an open room in a landscape” was his aim,  Jochen Breme spoke about “a passe- partout around a natural stone”

at first hidden: Jana Mertens´ beinlich besetzt  & then obviously on top:

Karl Prantl leaving Hubertus Mexner´s reed-tower (o.T.) after a visit inside

Lena Oswald, mobile

Merle Richter, Passformen, photos of her performance  with that modules the day after the opening you may see here

Kaline Zimmermann,  An die Sehnsucht  with a touch of painting in the fields

Nadine Luchsinger & Hubertus Meixner, their straw- & reed-sculptures at state of work

some of 16 students of Alanus University of Arts & Social Science, Alfter, Germany on the hills of St. Margarethen, Burgenland, Austria. I prepare an article about their artwork on that hill they created as guests of the Symposion for European Sculpture there & post now just some photos from my visits at the workshop & the vernissage last weekend for you to get a short impression. please take meanwhile a look here: Bildhauersymposion St. Margarethen (posted by artstage in German) & a glimpse to my recent post German artists settle in an Austrian bunker  below too.

all photos: René Desor


  1. What exciting work all this is! It looks like a huge amount of fun also. Your work and the work of others that you post is inspiring me to experiment, push borders, be braver in what I do.

  2. dear Kristin, that´s the way an artist should take! – thanks for accompany!

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