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Daily Archives: June 18th, 2008

bunler 4

Johanna Kintner, bunker 4

Henrik Hillen

Jochen Breme

Henrik Hillen

Fiona Goos:

Austrian sculptor Karl Prantl (84) visiting last week a part of the exhibition aufi-owi-umigehn  installed by German sculptors in a bunker of the Austrian Army at Scheibenwald, Pöttsching.

the artists/students: Henrik Hillen, Johanna Kintner, Fiona Goos & their lecturer Jochen Breme

all: Alanus University of Art & Social Siences, Alfter, Germany

more about works of the artists at Sculptor´s Symposion St.Margarethen: aufi-owi-umigehn

guiding principles of the Alanus University on:


     Studying Sculpture means waking with your hands in material. The material means resistance; it inspires and yet at the same time slows you down. Shape is what we aim for: the superior work, presence in space. The Sculpture degree course provides the conditions necessary for this experience: it trains you to work with your hands and teaches you the artistic skills necessary to go your own way within the world of contemporary art.

During the degree course, students experience a complete and rounded development through their proximity to practice; this begins with the ways in which we find our materials (wood not from the store but from the forest, stone straight from the quarry…) and ends in the organisation and running of exhibitions. This includes negotiating with public institutions, working with exhibition technology, sponsoring, designing catalogues and public relations.

all photos by René Desor