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Daily Archives: June 1st, 2008

Black & White on Zante painting performance Axl Litschke & Andreas Roseneder

a slide-show by artstage of photos shot by Adolf Tuma on an improvisated painting- & dance-performance in Vassilikos August 2005 at the location of Summeracademy Greece (Sommerakademie Griechenland) on Zakynthos / Zante: the painters Axl Litschke (white) & Andreas Roseneder (black) meeting after 30 years again – in movement. André Várkony (not visible here) beat the percussion to this performance.

I met Axl Litschke first time at his assistant apprenticeship of my master Anton Lehmden, an outstanding representative of the so called Viennese School of Phantastic Realism at the Academy of Arts in Vienna. his paintings were images of silent landscapes without human traces done in precisely defined oil-technique. I remember even the priming coat of his wooden panels he prepared in several white clay-layers. the only murmur I have heard at his studio was the stream of lava winding through a landscape he painted. – in those times a typical representative of that Viennese School for me. – I myself lived in Germany, Augsburg, Berlin & Munich, was loud & expressive too, liked the Austrian & German expressionists, all actionists & performers, needed the traces of movement of human beings in art,  even fired my paintings with terpentine & worked into the licking flames & finally had first success with painting as representative of that times, the art trend “Junge Wilde” (“new fauves”)

when I came back from Munich or Berlin to Vienna, Axl still painted quiet in his studio over the lava stream.

but Axl was also administrator of the coffee-machine in our studio at the academy & a philosopher in conversation, for me always a master of intellectual speech at coffee-break at work. these coffee-breaks with the art director are still one of the few remembrances of my study at the academy.

on Zante, the Greek island Zakynthos we met 2005 again as fellow teachers with different careers behind us, Axl taught his students drawing models still in his correct & motionless manner, I was head of the colourful acrylic painting course. Axl always dressed in tight black – I prefer light wide clothes in sommer. at the end of a discussion about art & the importance of movement on it I just said to Axl: “we change our outfit: you are white & I am black, you are the canvas & I am the painter, I AM YOU, – & you are my canvas, you have to move & I will paint on you in your movements & you go with mine. we will move together in & through painting.”

he agreed joyfully.

I got the dresses at the Dutchwoman´s Store next Coffee House at Vassilikos.

so it was.