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…HADJOQDJA (Skin Man) said, “DADYOEnDZADÁSES (Wolf) lives in that house over there, Every day he goes around the world. He catches and kills people, brings them home and eats them. He has three sisters, who live in the house with him. They are great witches. Each day they cook human flesh and pounded green corn, for Wolf will eat nothing else. The sisters spend most of their time driving elk out of this field. Neither Wolf nor his sisters have hearts in their bodies. No one can kill them, for their lives are in another place. In a corner of the house is a couch, under the couch is a lake, on that lake a loon is swimming around, under the right wing of the loon are four hearts. The largest heart is Wolf’s, the second largest belongs to the eldest sister, the smallest belongs to the youngest sister. If you pinch one of those hearts its owner will fall to the ground, If you crush it its owner will die.”…

source:  The Internet Sacred Text Archive / Seneca Indian Myths


complete legend: Wolf and the Old Woman´s Grandson



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