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Andreas Roseneder  the 2lips balloon  watercolours on Ecus Sistina, still wet



  1. Zeit der Furien?

  2. Furien??? – – Erinyen??? – mythologischer balast?

  3. ja genau, solche Wesen mein ich.
    Frauengestalten, die sich emotional aufgeladen präsentieren. Als Balast sehe ich es nicht.

  4. tipp: – link gegen die usancen von synthie

  5. Oh, I don’t think there needs to be an intellectual discussion about this marvellous painting! Isn’t this just a female balloneer intensively enjoying her own sensuality and obviousely also amusing the beholders? 😀

  6. @ rené: thanks for the tipp.

    @anni: you’re right! I think it’s very expressive, full of energy!

  7. I am out of intellectual duty, incapable of referring to in conscious, serious & constructive words & continue now working in a float of artistic awareness.
    I beg everybody´s pardon but there will come a time to reflect the beauty I actually live in. at the moment any attempt to do that would burst the thin skin of my balloons. let us protect it, save the wrapped beauty for that moment & delay the time of rational destruction

  8. the best thing you can as an artist.

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