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somebody came along to my blog searching “nazar-boncuk-balon”. I can help. watercolors on Ecus Sistina. still wet state. more about the story behind that symbol see post: nazar, boncuk – veya tek kemgöz?

originally I wanted to follow the islamic tradition to stay ornamentic in expression but a female figure develops beyond the eye…

… & more & more accompanied by others

the already finished eveil-eye-ballon you find: here


  1. Hi there! Nice work! 🙂 There is this question I wanted to ask for a long time: the dimensions of these paintings are hard to tell from the photos alone – what size are they IRL?

  2. the seize of all watercolour-sheets is 50 to 70 cm or 19,69 to 27,56 inches

    the work above: 70 to 50 cm
    27,56 to 19,69 inch

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