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Daily Archives: April 18th, 2008


wer wagt den ersten schnitt für mich

den eignen schritt zu öffnen?

wer macht die tat zur sach´

so klar, dass ich sie verfehlen mag?


für Hertha Kräftner 


la nudité des fleurs c´est leur odeur charnelle

qui palpite et s´émeut comme un sexe femelle

et les fleurs sans parfum sont vêtues par pudeur

elles prévoient qu´on veut violer leur odeur


Guillaume Apollinaire

Andreas Roseneder                                          watercolours on Ecus Sistina

El Greco´s balloon? – I think it is time to leave the air & come back to Earth. – this balloon here could be a bowl, for me it is a mirror-bowl, imaging a woman reflecting on her body in a mirror. this combination of cerulian light blue & venetian red brown is a heir of El Greco he offered me at Toledo in Spain: one of his numerous contemporarty copyists thougt to be the official legatee of the masters enigma but misunderstood the interpretation. his wrong copying was an insult to my eyes but a help in avoiding to do probably the same mistake. the master does not teach, just offers his privy purse – or keeps it closed. teaching includes mistakes.