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Daily Archives: April 16th, 2008

in my recent post métallo-magie et des tableaux vivants (see there updated: new photos of Zoltán Kemény´s sculptures exhibited at danubiana Meulensteen art museum) I regret not refering about the pictorial work of  Madeleine Kemény-Szemere, the wife of painter & sculptor Zoltán Kemény.  a second visit of the exhibition at danubiana last weekend gives me now the possibility to do that. & as it often happens – only the second glimpse opens an artwork.

portrait Zoltán Kemény

Zoltan at Hirslanden on 10. June 1965

“a painter in spite of everything” wanted Lenke Szemere to be, in the shadow of her husband she engaged for female themes, hard to find behind the traces of the battles of materials.  with subtle presence in spite of obvious rude gesture in sand, gravel, varnish, enamel & pastel on paste- & cupboards. the painting Woman and a Bird  below from 1946 seems to illustrate “her”  theme & exposition in a very realistic & direct manner – “la condition féminine”:

the following images are all reliefs, oil & rugosite, chinese ink on hard chipboards, created in the midst of the nineteenfiftys.



“he was the only one who believed in her creativity” – somebody refers to  Jean Dubuffet.

Zoltán Kemény   A Walk   1945

a walk through the images of Madeleine at danubiana Meulensteen art museum:

at danubiana park these days: Peter Pollág began to work on the final stage of the Danube Wings, decorating the sculpture with glass mosaics. it is expected that the sculpture will be unveiled during the opening of his jubilee exhibition at the danubiana held from 6. September to the end of November 2008

see also post znovu ahoj, danubiana! from March 2008, now updated with new photos of sculptures at the danubiana park