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movement: two steps between one moment           watercolours on Ecus Sistina

today morning: out of the imaginary balloon-atmosphere. nothing exiting but the blossoms of my lemon-tree. a sheet of water-colour I have painted this winter & Kristin this weekend picked out of a batch old water-colours, welcomes me at studio & demands to be finished. two women in reedy lake-water, both up to their knees in water moving, dancing & thereat fixed at one moment. working on that moment opens a new vision: I begin to sketch a kiwi-balloon an advertisment illustrating a shopping-bag has inspired me last week to do. sometimes there is a invisible chain between the images that bounds the pieces. finally when coming off a new image may be free to live independent. at that moment I always think at the human umbilical cord: when I cut it, a new autonomous being is born that has to create his own image for further living

the kiwi-balloon. watercolours still wet (all images). a female body figures out of the fruit-flesh


evening: all my attempts to keep the atmosphere „airy” have failed, blue traces are coming in with interferences & deep sap green darkens too “earthy”. I stop all overcoming temptations to continue & take another not yet finished sheet to proceed: back again this two female figures, they take a rest now. What does the one in background whisper into the ear of the other one in front?



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  1. I think the one says to the other: “Don’t be afraid. Take your chance!” What will she do?
    Still sitting and waiting or doing what the whisper has told her… only the next piece of watercolour knows

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