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you may enter the CONCRETE GARDEN of MARILIES JAGSCH through the image below- if you really want! – I would prefer to place here her song THANK YOU but did not find any link (-already found: see comments!). anyway – for surprised new visitors: in the last & following posts you do not see “unfinished images” (to my opinion they do not exist)  but the continuing process of development in painting the so called “balloon-series” in watercolour-technique, commented by words, stories, excursions & music the painter is involved with at work. – let´s say: “a glimpse into the artist´s sphere”

watercolours still wet (all images)

…following this flush of transparency I caught sight of an luminous rainbow at one moment covering the earth below I have never seen before in that spread of extension. I began painting the sight of that bow, as a rope of light-blue watercolour dropped from my brush to the wet paper. & hardly the boob began colouring the paper the woman took the drop of light-blue, spread her feet over the sheet & the fox got hold of the rainbow as his tail & streched his limbs below the woman & the bowl of earth.

all images in wet state.  oh no – there came in this titan yellow I love & hate at same time – it contains white titan pigments who break the light brillinance of the watercolours if you do not care, on the other side a outstanding medium to give a human figure “body”. too fleshy now, it seems to ruin the attraction of the bright rainbow-foxtail. may there be a way to prevent a change to a bolla di sapone instead of arcobaleno?

at least I found now a quotation on Marilies Jagsch´site at myspace music, describing to her opinion the influences on working as artist:

“I know you will laugh at me, “he replied, “but I really can’t exhibit it. I have put too much of myself into it.”

 ok, with a big rational burden I continue painting now…

evening. it darkens now outside. the falcon appeared again after finishing his marauding, watching now the woman & the fox. the balloon is already laced up. it is time to lay down the brushes. the best light to work with watercolours is the natural daylight. see you tomorrow, when I will finish this sheet.


next morning. a bright sunny day. the rainbow, the earth & the balloon fuse into one bowl, encircle the woman & the fox. I was right to wait for daylight, I recognize now some dusky details & improve them. ready to go. thank you for following until here. the final upshot you see at post: l´arcobaleno nell´ palloncino



  1. THANK YOU, Annika! 😀

  2. Maybe a gentle stroke of purple/indigo to reinforce the rainbow…? Or would that be too “obvious”?

  3. had at first the idea to darken the surrounding with indigo but during cooking the meal I imagined to let it white & open & to continue to darken the figures with shadows – the tail too – you must know: the brightest is the first layer, every layer over that gives colour but dims brightness.- txs for tip!

  4. Signore – the painting is allready extraordinary in its beauty.

  5. mille grazie, Signora di Lago! *sorriso*

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