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Andreas Roseneder                             watercolours monochrome on Ecus Sistina

…a night long I did not sleep & the fox did not sleep for watching over the sleeping woman. the trickster could not sleep too, thinking over how to get out of that disgraceful situation. in the morning the trickster abandoned a terrible fart that baited his most frightened enemy, the falcon, who saw his chance & penetrated the trickster with his beak & head through his anus to get to his guts for meal. but he had not seen there still was one hand of the trickster free: the trickster laid hold of his neck, pulled out the falcon & pushed his neck into the aperture of the balloon. The fox on the woman frightened away from the beak of the falcon & the woman awoke. this was the first time she became aware of the presence of the fox. she lifted the body of the fox by show of hands & said calming to the frightened animal: “the opening of the balloon is still closed & the falcon cannot strike with his beak & will keep the balloon in the air with his wings!”


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