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watercolours on Ecus Sistina. wet again. dim light at studio.  Jan wanted the deep madder & violett.  I prefered this light blue with transparent orange. not easy to handle, to give satisfaction to both. sometimes you have to carry a heavy-duty-backpack & when you have done the job, you feel free:  the backpack feels light-weight on your shoulders. – just like a balloon!



  1. Wow…I love this piece. She appears to wear a mask, and I have a think about masks!

    Thanks for sharing her with us!

  2. I meant a “thing” about masks..though thinking about them does intrigue me. 🙂

  3. I would have said the same as Jan, because violett is such an interesting colour!

  4. when and where does the balloon – exhibition start?
    there should be one, maybe in the summer time?

  5. hi gypsy-heart, did not think about a mask, the orange space (balloon?) inside her light-blue body just evokes it!

    hi Lilith! – the decision where depends on good balloonweather in autumn!

  6. Hi René!

    It will be a V.I.S (= very important show)

  7. it certainly IS

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