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from amidst the flow & floating I continue “blogooning”. probably last state of the image. there emerged last night the idea to set another figure into the balloon right down; but I asked myself this morning: wouldn´t it be better to leave her alone?


  1. so very inspired are you!

  2. My very personal opinion would be: You should probably leave her alone. I like the questionmarks surrounding her left hand and the open alternatives to whether she’s is struggeling FOR or AGAINST something.

  3. you are right. an occupation of another balloon with a male or female would change the whole situation & turn to a more “fleshy” dramatic. – into the red ballon she touches with her left hand I originally sketched a red figure that disappeared whilst painting. I think a special “feeling” has remained & is enough for expression (I estimate your term “the questionmarks sourrounding her left arm”)

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