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      here are the promised photos from last weekend at the danubiana-park – without comment but a short text by Eva Trojanová about the promenade with American artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp & not stating all creators of the showed sculptures:


 Milan Lukáč


Karel Appel


 Alfred Hrdlicka                                       Hans Van de Bovenkamp




Hans Van de Bovenkamp


Hans Van de Bovenkamp

   The Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum is launching a new project under the title Art on the Promenade, an exhibition of sculptures displayed in the adjoining park on the embankment of the Danube. The opening exhibition will present nineteen monumental sculptures created by Hans Van de Bovenkamp, a major American sculptor, Dutch by birth.

Van de Bovenkamp began his career as a sculptor in New York. He has created monumental sculptures that have become landmarks in parks and plazas and has produced works for architecture. In creating large sculptures he focuses on their interaction with the surrounding environment. The artist has produced several series of sculptures in which the abstract form creates suggestive compositions. His latest series of Menhirs is inspired by prehistoric monoliths. Made of stainless steel, these huge sculptures have textures that play with light. The baroque-like curved forms of the menhirs create dynamic compositions with magic and dramatic effects.

The first works from the Sperma series were created in 1991. The sculptures display dynamic vertical or horizontal movement reminiscent of visualized wind or whirling, and reflect nature in many ways. The playfulness of his earlier series, Circles and Waves, created from coloured aluminium, resembles dreamy meditations. Meditativeness is an element linking the variety of subject matter in the work of Van de Bovenkamp.

Eva Trojanová




 Sam Francis


Viťo Bojňanský


Karl Prantl 


Milan Lukáč




updating April 2008:

Ján Ťapák

Hans Van de Bovenkamp

Vladimír Kompánek

Magdalena Abakanavicz

Erna Masarovíčová

                                                               Svetozár Ilavský

Körösényi Tamás

                                                              Rein Dool

                                                               Oto Bachorík

Daniel Bidelnica

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