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Monthly Archives: March 2008


watercolours on Ecus Sistina. wet again. dim light at studio.  Jan wanted the deep madder & violett.  I prefered this light blue with transparent orange. not easy to handle, to give satisfaction to both. sometimes you have to carry a heavy-duty-backpack & when you have done the job, you feel free:  the backpack feels light-weight on your shoulders. – just like a balloon!








rein nichts kommt über meine lippen

da die ganze welt darin verschlossen

längst zugang zum herzen gefunden


über alles spricht mein herz

wenn auch nur leiser hauch

kommt mir über die lippen


Andreas Roseneder        left heart hand       watercolours on Ecus Sistina



watercolours on Ecus Sistina. still wet. photography at studio-light (at left a yellow touch – I like it cause changing atmosphere). dichromatic: green blue touching red blue. seems to be a balloon ascent – or descent? – farewell or touch to welcome?

Du Runder, der das Warme aus zwei Händen
im Fliegen, oben, fortgibt, sorglos wie
sein Eigenes; was in den Gegenständen
nicht bleiben kann, zu unbeschwert für sie,
zu wenig Ding und doch Ding genug,
um nicht aus allem draußen Aufgereihten
unsichtbar plötzlich in uns zu entgleiten:
noch unentschlossener: der, wenn er steigt,
als hätte er ihn mit aufgehoben,
den Wurf entführt und freiläßt —, und sich neigt
und einhält und den Spielenden von oben
auf einmal eine neue Stelle zeigt,
sie ordnend wie zu einer Tanzfigur,
um dann, erwartet und erwünscht von allen,
rasch, einfach, kunstlos, ganz Natur,
dem Becher hoher Hände zuzufallen.

 Rainer Maria Rilke, Über Kunst II (Von Kunst-Dingen, Kritische Schriften)


Andreas Roseneder first of all watercolours on Ecus Sistina / first sketch before starting the balloon-series

with the last four posts I gave a short insight into the working-process of painting in watercolours. it is just a short-cut-impression of what really happens at studio. I do not write in my mother tongue just with a view to my foreign visitors. I am a writer & I suffer under the inclination to write in poetic or essayistic ways, for some explanations too cryptic & not to decode for anybody. my poor knowledge of the English language helps to reduce to the important – please forgive my mistakes & shortcomings. on the other side – I think you can read into the titles of my posts that my words are bounded to my paintings or photographs – this could be a disappointment for these visitors & friends who are acquainted with my written words & expect more in German language– please excuse it too. I promise – there will be a comeback after my English-painting-lessons.


from amidst the flow & floating I continue “blogooning”. probably last state of the image. there emerged last night the idea to set another figure into the balloon right down; but I asked myself this morning: wouldn´t it be better to leave her alone?


I think she (is she an angel?) does not appreciate the companionship of the other balloons  that seem to float up to her from earth


the sap colour will fade, I took the photo in wet state. photography is a possibility to catch this bright moment of watered living colour. these moments belong to the artist & it is his turn to “develop & deepen” the communication with the image. it ends with a secret agreement between both: that´s it!

– is it a sacrilege to speak about that? – artists (& their agents) are often mystery-mongers! 


aware of the risk of maybe boring my esteemed visitors I post the image again, now in that case in dry finished (?) state


watercolours dichromatic on Ecus Sistina, still wet. – it is not easy to decide an aquarell to be finished. on a sudden it could be “overdone” & therefore it seems often advisible to begin a new one.



Au am Leithaberge, Lower Austria: what does son Jan Christoph whisper into archbishop Christoph Schoenborn´s ear?





Andreas Roseneder   Jesus & Mary in chain, oil on canvas

is the sigh of orgasm – same as the sigh of death – a sign of something ending?

musical brain-twister:  The Jesus & Mary Chain:  all things must pass