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hippolyte.jpg hippolyte-2.jpg hippolyte-3.jpg

imagination blue-orange, acryl on canvas, 2005

Hippolyte, Penthesilea or even Hera? – what aim has an ensuing interpretation of a wordless pure imagination without defined intention before? – you are welcome to have a comparing look at Andromeda, the inspiring impetus of these questions.



  1. hi Anni, the fellow-rat-art-addict is back again! – has seen your amazing Andromeda & felt free to give a pictorial answer as an enigma (have done this portraits two years ago & did not know what for – until now)

  2. Hello René, and thanks for recommending me! I very much appreciate Your pictorial answer!

    The lakealikes are all alike. 😉

    Ever since I started using dry pastels I’ve prefered the contrasting colours of blue and yellow/orange – and the method of clear contrasts in colour YOU have been using in almost every piece shown on Your blog is probably what makes Your work so appealing to me. That, and Your magnificent imagination!

  3. thanks for honor, lakealike. – is “your” lake Lillträsket or Brännsträsket?

  4. This is “my” lake:

    You see, I’m a swedish speaking Finn! 🙂

    (…. and not all of my photos are from the Lake, some of them are from the coastline of Ostrobothnia, Vasa/Malax, Finland)

  5. need to check the map for orientation…

  6. Check this out if you want to, René:

    Yours sincerely,

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