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space-1.jpg  space-2.jpg

sky-piece (left). acryl on canvas. right: colours turned 180 degrees again. black stays as constant. disappears into space. to take a look into black is a look into space. to paint with black means to take out black. in this example I did the remove full of verve in gesture.

an analogy, besides: the background of my blog is black. on purpose. with every letter in white I try to take away the emptiness of the screen. I try to enlighten through remove. it´s another process than writing. writing or drawing on white paper seems to be more putting one´s stamp on a matter. see examples article below:


  1. quite an appealing purpose!

  2. but hard way to succeed!

  3. though effective…

  4. however, black is mythos! (black # 1)

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