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Daily Archives: January 16th, 2008


I decided this evening to stop boring you with my colour-changing window-dressing, instead a really blue explosion on one of my oil-paintings and following story:

once upon a time (yes, it starts like in a fairy tale) there was a rock by the sea that, even with the force of a hundred men and a lot of dynamite, couldn’t be moved or cracked. there was also a man in this town by the sea, he was known to carry the evil eye (Nazar). after much effort and endeavor, the town people brought the man to the rock, and the man, upon looking at the rock said, “my! what a big rock this is.” the instant he said this, there was a rip and roar and crack and instantly the immense and impossible rock was found to be cracked in two.

incidentally I am blue-eyed. forgive me, guardians of the Islamic World! (see link nazar)

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last not least the original as link: