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reh-1.jpg  reh-3.jpg

after all the owner of the image above sent this photo, apologizing for the quality of it. according to my promise in article “blue or red?” / comments  to show this  artpiece for further comparison of  the differences in coulour & thereby effected  impressions I file it here subsequently. – by the way – the left one is the original (oil on canvas).



  1. yes. blue.
    did you give the red boat a try?

  2. I painted the red boat some years later. – what do you mean? – a try to change in colour?

  3. I love blue & water…
    my life seems to get boring – I find myself taking a blog-stroll more often!

  4. can´t keep you off doing that – would miss your inspiring ideas (see electronic boating)

  5. – today a stroll on the lake with lake-a-like on my mind, it works vice versa too…

  6. just a state of imagination

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