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Salto del Laja, Chile, november 2008                         photo: Friedrich Roseneder

 nature forces playing with colours make a marveling painter feel helpless


  1. admirable picture! & awe-inspiring nature forces, time-related as well!

  2. wrong go? just curious…. sry!

  3. why?

  4. Thank you for this gorgeous image…now, I want to go there!!
    Humbling to be sure…how can one ever, ever do it justice in a rendering…I think they cannot. They can only attempt at capturing the emotions stirred within them from their own

    Sending you light…


  5. i thougt your comment yesterday was ment for me – but i did not understand – its gone now anyway

  6. it was. I just found out you are physically located some kilometers away from my position. but does it matter anything?
    (I mean this article refers not a local inspection but a space- & timeless question…)

  7. definitely not. bouth. but: i´m on the move ; )

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