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     my favorit colour as painter is green, actually seen – as you were told the articles below (I suppose you have allready read them). the photo following has nothing to do with these paintings; it just represents a in colour & suspension changed traffic sign you should know (if you are old enough & allowed to drive a car – allthough its appearance may differ from nation to nation, state to state).
in Austria it marks a dead end, in this case turned downside up.
click to the photo & get aware it is not only art presented on canvas or paper in troubles here in this region.

– come back again .  – & imagine to be located in Austria:

but who cares? 

– &… : is here any audience?



  1. yes, there is. I like certain greens because to me green represents earth.
    I think all of your work is powerful..I know I say that a lot but if a word fits it fits.
    I hope 2008 is off to a good start for you.
    ~gypsy-heart (formally suz) 🙂

  2. hallo gipsy-heart! thanx – the next article “true watercolors” is for you in affection!

  3. apparently visual artists : ) care – the audience cares – but where are the musicians?
    too many among them members of the AKM (copy right society)?

  4. would be interesting to speak with somebody of them involved in this affairs. maybe I´m a little bit blue-eyed in this case since I met a black musician in New York:- I just told him that I´m Austrian & he opened his eyes wideout & called out delighted: “Nickelsdorf!” – not “Vienna” or “Mozart” as usual…

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