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Andreas Roseneder   portière   acryl on canvas

portiere-0.jpg portiere-1.jpg
portiere-2.jpg portiere-3.jpg

to prevent misunderstandig (see comment on green or red?) : in the articles below there was always to see just one original & one colour-changed clone. now you can admire here in an exaggerated way & different colours the original & four clones… at the moment I feel tendency to the green one but who cares?




  1. The upper one is the original, am I correct? I think it’s beautiful and I totally love watching the expression on her face! In this particular piece I like the blueish colouring as a contrast to what is normally connected to eroticism – red. “Mind over body”, sort of, perspective. Although extreamly sensual!

  2. in this case – the upper one is the original. I feel you are right with your reflections, although I did not publish the blue piece I promised last time!

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