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aroseneder-blue.jpg  aroseneder-red.jpg

similar starting point, same question as in the article before (green or red?) , other technique (oil on canvas)



  1. Oh red – I love the warmth of it and the depth.

  2. – & that´s the “right” one – as I´ve painted it – the other image is changed 180 degrees in colourscale. – & you can´t perceive the hug , the hare & the deer of the right one anymore (exept the turn tail hare in the left corner)…

  3. I like the intensity and vibrancy of the blue one. The red one is much more emotive, if that is the right word. Nice work!

  4. a good term – emotive! I´ve tried to express my own emotion of my inner sight of landscape of the surrounding countryside in winter.
    Same time I painted an other piece in blue, unfortunately I sold it without taking a photo – it´s more depicting the landscape in winter vibration. – I´ll try to get a photo & file subsequently!

  5. Red. Definitely. Strives towards the beholder, not away.

  6. ok. – I will stay in tradition – due to the beholder. (caution! – it´s not a definitive statement)

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