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Daily Archives: January 3rd, 2008



Andreas Roseneder       colourtest on female bodies       watercolours on paper


a question out of the atelier:


if we had the possibility to turn the colours of our sight 180 degrees around without the use of photography & photoshop, which results of our work would be created & arise to our surprise? – & psychologically seen: would be there an impression to the beholder of essential difference like thinking positive or negative?

sorry if somebody is to much distracted by the formal appearances of the paintings above to take a concentrated look for an answer to my question…

see also: greenback


…der ALCHYMIST,  leidet offenbar an Obstipation, er atmet tief ein:

                        Der Atem direkt in den After fährt. (er furzt)

                        Ein Schaas im toten Wald. & hier der Rest der Welt durchsetzt

                        vom Auswurf einer ganzen Woche. & Ich – Ich geblendet & an

                        bestimmter Sehweise gebrochen. – Meine Retina eine fahle

                        Schale, die matte Bilder fängt wie Fernsehgries… *


 * cit.:   René Desor     DER WOCHEN ENDE ANFANG     Ein Stück in sieben Bildern