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          Andreas Roseneder    first glimpse    oil on canvas



  1. That’s real nice work.


  2. Every day the painting is going down because of to things the first is that the abstract art is not art but is shit if you ask me why you don’t have nothing in that that you can enjoy you eyes but is just nothing, maybe if you have a concept in the painting I can say that is somthing ut in this case this is just the shit with colors sory for that message but we have to think not just to through the colors but to think if the colors have menaing without any good personage …

  3. dear Miguel
    here my thoughts about painting:
    1. painting is an abstract & conceptless work for itself (its like shit as you say – give your daily shit & they will give you milk or bloody mary)
    2. on the other side: to prepare & to exhibit your painted work needs concept & definited work
    3. there is no message in painting but the recipient likes or wants to see
    4. there is no chance to think in or through colours. colours exist through light. & the meaning they may have is just human taste or at best case: human imagination
    5. to bring joy to your eyes as you say take the next way into nature.
    in Austria at best to the woods, mountains or lakes (or to the sea in Spain or Italy, wherever you are)

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