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Daily Archives: November 18th, 2007


ANDREAS ROSENEDER                                      watercolours in ice 1999

the topic of the painter as author is one that I relate to but often find very difficult to express succinctly in words. being a native German thinker & spaeker this is even more difficult in foreign language like English now. next to “mission impossible”. it is hard enough to do that in German to become aware after some time the recipient could not follow enlightened my executions. today I took a photo of a watercolour-painting I did several years ago & you can now see above. to explain the technique of that artwork – I painted it at ten degrees below freezing-point & had to push my pencil through a thin film of ice that suddenly covered my water-glass, every stroke of my pencil covered the paper with a new coloured ice-film, then I crushed the film over my knees & continued colouring so the colour disappeared in the cracks of the surface: it is a kind of art to gain the knowledge of the technique of water-colouring under normal circumstances & to let the water run to its expressions – of course under this aggregate state of the water it is an adventure. naturally this artwork must dry several days under the same weather-conditions while continuing contolling & working on the vanishing parts of the painting to keep the traces of frost-work to the paper. what has this to do with my opening words? – gazing at this picture I thought about the comparison between painting & writing as the best example for the impossibility of a  comparison –  similar to the attempt to teach in words the necessary steps for an perfect ice-dancing-figure would be.

do not ask me why I titled this work “Kristin” in 1999. I just know I actually wrote these words for Kristin Krimmel.

more photos & German text concerning the topic: das obsolete aquarell